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Phone Spy Pro is a stealth spy software which allows you to secretly record all activities of your phone
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24 February 2015

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Mobile phones especially Smartphones today are used for a variety of purposes. However they can also be used for corporate espionage or indulging in malicious activities. Imagine a scenario where an employee in your organization transfers critical business information by using a Smartphone or is in touch with a rival group and updates them with real time business info. In such cases there is really very little you can do to trace out the culprit or block the communication. However with Phone Spy Pro 2.5.10 application it is possible to know if a targeted Smartphone is being used for dubious ends and if needed a specific application on the phone can be blocked.

The Phone Spy Pro 2.5.10 application is available for most mobile operating systems including iOS and Android platforms. Capable of recording not only text messages but call logs and communication sent through instant messengers like BBM or WhatsApp, the powerful tool allows you to comprehensively track the targeted phone. Not only is it capable of tracking the communication undertaken with the phone, it can even trace out its location. Further any contacts that are added to the phone can be noticed by the Phone Spy in real time. Moreover the tool can record the details and send it across in an encrypted form. You would have to use a password to view recorded surveillance data. With the help of its intelligent live control panel you can view the screen grab of the targeted phone in real time.

As a surveillance tool to track down incidents of corporate spying or to protect kids from malicious individuals, the Phone Spy Pro 2.5.10 proves its mettle to the last detail. We mark it with a score of four and half rating stars for its extensive list of intelligent features.

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Phone Spy Pro is a stealth spy software which allows you to secretly record all activities of your smart phone
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Phone Spy Pro alows you to listen to actual phone calls and record every SMS and log every call. All the calls and SMS logs are uploaded to your online account. Phone Spy Pro starts automatically at every phone boot and records every SMS message sent or received, logs all inbound and outbound phone calls, records the visited websites and many more. Basically, all the actions performed on the phone are recorded. Phone Spy Pro silently records GPS locations at a rate decided by the owner of the phone
Phone Spy Pro
Phone Spy Pro
Version 2.5.11
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